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Gluten-free beer: Red Bridge tastes great to Dr. Celiac, the Food Doc

Gluten-free beer that tastes great!

That’s my verdict on Anheuser-Busch’s new gluten-free beer Red Bridge. It is made from sorghum instead of barley. In my opinion it is reminiscent of Fat Tire, my favorite microbrew beer pre-gluten-free days. However, Red Bridge is sweeter, presumably because of the sorghum.

Gluten-free beer that tastes better than regular beer?

Though I never particularly loved beer, frequently not finishing a whole bottle before switching to wine, I actually like Red Bridge. Added to a gluten-free pizza, Red Bridge makes drinking beer both rebellious and enjoyable for me again, without exposing my body to the harmful effects of gluten.

Look Mom, no malt! How about sorghum?

Sorghum has been used for centuries to make beer and other alcoholic beverages in Africa and Asia. However, barley malt is usually added that renders those beers unsafe for people with Celiac disease. Anheuser-Busch’s decision to make a gluten-free sorghum beer with a large distribution is a sign of the continued progress in the advance of the gluten-free diet.

Pop a top of gluten free beer!

So, pop a top of Red Bridge and join me by saying cheers to them for joining an emerging market. Both I and my patients appreciate an opportunity to choose to have a beer, if we like, without the gluten. Let me know your thoughts. For more scientific information about Celiac disease, food allergies and intolerance, colitis, Crohn's disease and probiotics be sure to visit the Food Doc Journal

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