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Gluten free potato chips low in fat, taste great, and are also soy and dairy free too!

A gluten free potato chip that tastes great!

Pinnacle Gold Natural Original Flavor Potato Chips are not only gluten free but they taste great and are low in fat. They remind me of Pringles. As my wife disclosed on one the gluten free forums, they are so good that I once ate a whole bag in one night. Since she already turned in on the Internet about my binging on a gluten free snack food I might as well come clean and write a review about these gluten free chips.

Aren't regular potato chips gluten free?

Potato chips are commonly assumed to be gluten free but this is not necessarily true. Some potato chips such as Lays are reported to be gluten free but many people on a gluten free diet are suspicious. Their suspicion is well founded since flour, wheat or gluten commonly either are added or cross contaminate many foods. Though in 2007 Congress mandated common food allergens, including wheat be listed in food products, gluten is not required nor is there a gluten free standard yet established in the U.S.

What about the content of these gluten free potato chips?

Distributed by Pinnacle Marketing, Fairfield CT (, these all natural baked chips are reported to contain 70% less fat compared to standard fried potato chips. The listed ingredients are potato pieces, potato flakes, potato, rice, flour, corn flour, canola oil and salt. The specifically state they contain no gluten, dairy, or soy ingredients.

How much fat are in these gluten free potato chips?

The reported fat content is 1.5 grams, 0 grams saturated and 0 grams trans fat in a serving. The bag contains 85 grams or about 3 ounces. A standard serving is one ounce unless you get in a binge like I did one night and eat an entire bag. Still, even at an entire bag, you are only eating 330 calories; 4.5 grams of fat and you get 6 grams of protein. Your spouse may turn you in on the Internet though, especially if that was the last bag and THEY wanted to have some!

As a doctor are you recommending an unhealthy gluten free snack?

Though, as the Food Doc, I encourage healthy eating and living, I am also realistic about what it is like to live in our culture. Snack foods are part of our modern culture. We enjoy eating while spending time with our family and watching TV (I know the experts say we should not do this) so finding healthy and tasty snacks like Pinnacle Gold gluten free potato chips is a joy. It can be tough to find such a snack that is safe to eat for those avoiding gluten, dairy and soy. If you have a hankering for Pringles but want to have a healthy low fat chip free of gluten, soy and dairy then I recommend these gluten free chips.

Where can I find order gluten free food?

You may gluten free food through the Food Doc Amazon e-store. We will be working to provide more gluten free food reviews for our readers.

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