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More gluten free beer choices: Belgian Ales that are gluten free!

THREE new gluten free Belgian Ales are available. Benchmark Breweries is producing a line of gluten free beers under the brand Greens Beers. These beers are made from millet, rice, buckwheat and sorghum. They are fermented with a traditional Belgian yeast strain and bottle-conditioned. They are also vegan. Three varieties are now available in the U.S. through an e-store
and some liquor stores.

The beers are brewed at Andelot DeProef Browerij, in Lochristi, Belgium. There is a medium bodied ale Discovery Gluten-Free Amber Ale, a classic Dubbel ale Endeavor Gluten-Free Dubbel Ale, and a light bodied ale Quest Gluten-Free Tripel Ale. They are made in the tradition of a fine Belgian Ale but without the gluten. The brewer provides a nice review of the history of brewing on their site. The site that reviews each beer lists the ingredients, the flavor and suggested food pairings. Also included are some great photos of the grains used.

So, jump on the e-store and order your fine Belgian Ale, gluten free, and drink up with some gluten free pretzels. I hope to have a specific post on these beers soon.

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